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Online Gaming: An Emerging Field In India

Not less than 5 years ago. India is not so actively engaged in online gaming. The reason for it was simple, the high cost of data packs and not getting a fearsome speed for it. It was only after the introduction of Jio Telecom In India. This does not only reduce the rates for data packs but also forced other telecom companies for investing more in this field. It is leading to more speed and less amount spend on it.

Online gaming in India

PUBG: Online Gaming In India

After getting high-speed internet in most parts of India, online gaming started to gain popularity. Most of this came from a single game that is PUBG (PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND) which is an online battle royal game. After almost 2 years of its golden period in India, PUBG had some tournaments both at the local and international levels. It leads to international recognition of some Indian players. One of them is Naman Mathur aka mortal which is part of the soul gaming community now, has gained so much popularity that he is nominated for streamers of the year twice in a row. But the game got banned due to some privacy issues. But before getting banned it lifted the level of Indian e-sports up to a mark from where individuals can try some other games.


After PUBG  got banned, some of the streamers were devasted but most of them switch to other games. It not only provide them with a good environment but also made them realize that PUBG  wasn’t a single option. Many other online games like valvorant, free-fire, fall guys, etc are available. Those are not only good but also provide a good competitive environment.


After the ban of PUBG and the introduction of other games in the Indian online gaming field, now Indian e-sports is at a decent level from where it can continue its legacy. Now after the announcement of India’s Battleground BGMI, the hype for online gaming has increased once again . Krafton is doing its best for launching the game as soon as possible.

For the Indian fans, let’s hope for the best.

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