Tuesday, October 3

Now funeral kit and pooja packages are available online

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When you open Facebook or any other website, you will see many ads. Most of these promote online shopping. One photo was seen while scrolling Facebook today. The photo was a funeral kit sold at e-Commerce Site. At first, it seemed to be a carpet of Photoshop, but on Search, it came to know that you can deliver its home.

Pooja funeral kit


See what items are included in online funeral kit ?

For only Rs 2,950, you will get a stretch, tripod, gave, rope, sandalwood, camphor, ghee, Ganga Jal and all the other essential ingredients to get your gift wrap.

Let’s know the features of the final content!

1. The wood used for burning bodies are 100% made of bamboos

2. Iron, plastic or synthetic material is not used at all.

3. Without any hesitation, one can make a meaningful sentence in 2 minutes.

4. Designed in India, you can also support Make In India and Digital India.

All these online pooja items will be delivered to you only in 2 to 4 working days. It means that after someone’s death, you have to preserve the body for two to four days, then you can take advantage of this package.

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Well, this product has got 5 stars and read reviews from the people.

Aravindan writes- 

This product is so good that my friend who died last month, his soul came back and got into someone’s body so that he could order it again!

Suraj Singh writes-

This is the best product … it used to be used for your friend (pride). He burnt so well that now there is no choice for him to come back.


It just did not stop here, searching for a little more and finding a package of last rites paid to us. At quickpuja.com, you will get the  every pooja samagri of funeral package, fourth worship, Tehri pooja ( 13th day death ceremony ). The company says that you do not have to take a tension of pundit or worship in this sad hour.

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