Saturday, September 23

Now It Will Also Be Possible To Buy A Train.

We had heard the saying in childhood that no matter how rich you become, you will not buy a train. But today, this is going to be true. Soon people will be able to buy their train. Who doesn’t love train travel? The sound of the train, the conversation with the people sitting together, how nice the surrounding environment is. There is a piece of good news for those who want to buy a train and travel by train.


Private companies will soon be able to hire and buy theme-based train coaches. It will be based on themes like culture, religion, and tourist. Indian Railways is busy making a policy in this regard. Railways said that we had constituted a committee on the Executive Director of the Ministry of Railways. This committee has been formed to hire and buy railways for private companies and work on all its projects.
It is expected that such a facility will increase the tourism sector. With the increase in the capacity of the tourism sector, the country’s economy will also be strengthened by tourists. Apart from this, tourism activities such as marketing, hospitality, integration of services, development, and identification in the tourism circuit, etc. can be availed by professionals from the tourism sector.

What is the Plan of the Indian Railway?

Indian Railways is planning to spread rail-based tourism among the public by leasing out the coaching stock to interested parties to run them in themed religious and other tourist circuit trains. Coaches can be leased by railways to the company and the parties who are interested in it. According to the railways, under the proposed model, the railways will allow private parties to undertake minor refurbishment of coaches and leasing of coaches for a minimum of five years. The company that will take it will choose the train’s route, the itinerary for the passengers, and the tariff itself. The party which will run the tourist train will have to pay haulage charge to the Indian Railways. Rising of Travel Agency: Thomas Cook’s Travel Agency

If someone wants to take the train on a lease, he can take it, but he will have to pay the lease charge. Third-party advertisements will also be allowed on this train. However, lumpsum payers will not have to pay any lease charges.
Under the plan made by the Railways, at least 16 coach trains will have to be bought or taken on lease.
If this scheme made by the Railways is successful, then the dream of many people to buy a train will not only be fulfilled, it will benefit the country a lot. When private companies run trains by buying or renting their trains, there will be competition between them. The advantage of competition between them will be that maximum facilities will be available to the passengers.

Negative impact too

However it will also have a negative impact, and that would be Train fare will increase as compared to now, it will be a bit difficult for poor people to travel by train. But hopefully, the government will have a solution to this problem as well. Now it is awaited that when this plan made by the railways’ lands on the ground.

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