Tuesday, October 3

North Korea is supplying chemical weapons to Syria

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North Korea is supplying chemical weapons to Syria. This claim has been made in a UN report. According to the report, these include acid-resistant tiles, valves and pipes. New York Times said  that North Korean missile specialists have been reported on the weapon-making bases of the Syrian government.


Image: BBC

Syria getting chemical weapons-

North Korea’s supplies being supplied to Syria include reportedly acid-resistant tiles, coronary (decay) resistant valves and thermometers. These tiles are used in places where chemical weapons are made.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, in the beginning of 2016 and 2017, five ships were sent to Syria through Chinese trading company. The Syrian Government Agency ‘Scientific Studies Research Center (SSRC)’ paid for North Korea in lieu of this.

The Assad government has long been accused of using chemical weapons during the civil war. North Korea also has many restrictions on nuclear program.


 Image: Newsexpress.com

5 hours of ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta

The five-hour ceasefire proposed by Russia in the Eastern Ghouta captured by rebels in Syria began on Tuesday morning, which was till two o’clock in the afternoon. The ceasefire will be implemented every day at the same time to remove the stranded people in the occupied area. The human corridor is fixed on the Wafidin crossing between Damascus and Eastern Ghouta. According to the local media, this crossing has been prepared with ambulances and buses, which carry citizens to safer places.

Islam’s political chief Muhammad Aulash had said a day earlier that only injured people could go from eastern Ghouta, not ordinary people. It is therefore not clear whether the rebels will allow local citizens to leave eastern Ghouta.

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Al-Abkharia TV, operated by the state government, said that to stop the citizens from going, the rebels openly fired at them.

Only a few days after coming under the influence of ‘United Nations Security Council Agreement 2401’. This humanitarian agreement has been implemented in Syria. Under the agreement, all parties in Syria have to implement an armistice for at least 30 days immediately after the war is closed. More than 510 deaths have been reported from the Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

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