Number of Deaths Due to Nipah Virus are Increasing Day by Day
Monday, March 20

Number of Deaths Due to Nipah Virus are Increasing Day by Day

Nipah virus is a new zoonotic disease that severely affects the animals and humans too. Do you know What is nipah virus? This virus was formerly identified in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998. Nipah virus usually spreads by fruit bats. These bats do not sting people or even avoid contact with people. The problem strikes, when people and animals exchange the fruits with bats.

nipah virus transmition


Nipah Virus Symptoms-

Usually the question arises in the mind is, how nipah virus is transmitted. Experts believe that this virus is a gliding transferal and can be harmful to those who directly face polluted bodies. Its symptoms are high fever for several days that can cause a state of depression, confusion and even it can lead to continuous drowsiness. If people do not bother about these signs, they can go in comma within 24 to 48 hours.

nipah virus symptoms


Nipah Virus Treatment-
Rightly no vaccine is available to cure this disease. It is very important for doctors to raise awareness regarding this infection. To detect this virus is another big issue, if somebody is feeling the symptoms and going through continuous fever, vomiting, dizziness and headache. In this case, visit the hospital for proper checkup.

How does Nipah Virus Spread from Person to Person?
Human beings should keep themselves away from infected pigs, bats and the other affected persons too. As it spreads from person to person and many people have died because of this mysterious disease. Doctors should handle such patients carefully. They should adopt certain measures to keep themselves healthy like use of gloves and face masks.

How does Nipah Virus Spread from Person to Person


Nipah Virus Disease-
Rarely contaminates people but it is a silent killer. When this virus infects somebody, it can affect the person badly. It is considered one of the horrifying viruses in the world. In some situations, it can make people sick without showing any symptoms. It can be a part of your body for months and even for years too. It’s almost difficult to find out its real causes.

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