Sunday, October 17

New York helicopter crash: death of five, pilot safe

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Five people have died after a helicopter crash in New York. However the pilot escaped safely. The event happened seven o’clock in the morning. It happened when the helicopter was passing through Manhattan’s East River area. According to the news published in the New York Times, except for the pilot, the life of one other has survived. According to eyewitnesses, the helicopter was flying very fast.

New York helicopter crash


Giving information about the incident, Mayor’s office spokesman Eric Felix confirmed the deaths of the tweeters. They also confirmed the rescue of another person. Boats are searching for a fleet survivor.

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In a video posted on Twitter, a red helicopter quickly falls into the water and appears to be flipping again. A spokesperson of the Federal Aviation Administration said that the Eurocopter AS 350 had been crashed after a short time after seven hours at local time. There were no immediate details of how many people were in the helicopter.


 Video before New York helicopter crash


An Instagram video taken by one of the victims of the East River helicopter crash shows the final moments before the helicopter crashed into the New York City waterway, killing five of the six people aboard.

 Victims are  Trevor Cadigan, 26, of Dallas, Carla Vallejos-Blanco, a 29-year old visiting the city from Argentina, Brian McDaniel, a 26-year-old Dallas firefighter, Daniel Thompson, a 34-year-old from New York City, and 29-year-old Tristian Hill.


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