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Why most New Year resolutions fail

Have you ever wondered Why most of our New year resolutions fail..?

As 2017 is approaching towards its end and we all are wondering what will be our New Year resolution this year. As quickly as some resolutions are created, they are discarded and forgotten. Because soon we realize that change is not as easy as it seems. Creating a goal and putting a plan into action takes time and effort. This is the main reason why most resolutions fail.

Below are some major causes:

       1.Not writing our goals


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First of all ,we should always write our goals. Writing them down always remind us to work for our goals.

      2.Making broad goals

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Always be specific while making goals. Making broad goals makes you lose focus. Also you don’t know weather you have achieved your goal or not. This also doesn’t give you any sense of achievement. So try to make specific and focused goals.

3.No Reward 

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Always reward yourself when you reach a checkpoint of your goal. You never know but these small achievement sum up together to make a big change. Also, this motivates your mind to try even harder.

4.Unrealistic goals

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In addition to above facts,try to make  goals that are realistic and can be achieved within a fixed time. Some people make unrealistic goals and as a result they fail. So,turning big goals into a series of smaller ones will help you successfully tackle big change.

5.Quitting easily

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Finally,one of the biggest reasons that resolutions fail is because people give up too quickly. Mistakes happen; but we should not use them as an excuse to quit.Instead we should learn from them and move on. Thus,in conclusion remember good things always take time.

Finally,all the best and have a great year ahead. Wishing you all a very happy New Year 2018.


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