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New Park With Indigenous Tress In Yamuna Khadar

The government of the country is running many schemes to make the country a delightful place, especially in the capital. There is a place in Delhi Yamuna Khadar. There was a barren land on the bank of Yamuna. also, there was nothing but acacia trees and mud. But now a park is being built at that place to return the Yamuna Khadar to its natural beauty. Trees of native species of Yamuna Khadar will be planted at that place.

source: amarujala.com

The Principal Scientific Adviser to the government of  India is also assisting in this work. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had started the work of developing Yamuna Khadar in 2018 itself.

Where earlier the acacia tree, mud and drain water used to be full, now trees of indigenous species are being planted.

yamuna Khadar

How many trees will planted in Yamuna Khadar?

To save the Yamuna from pollution and to restore its natural beauty, a park is being built near DND Flyway. According to sources, 12 thousand saplings of 50 indigenous species will be planted. At present 4000 saplings have been planted. In 2018, when the DDA gave permission to plant saplings here for trials, 2214 saplings were planted on 750 acres. Krishna Kadam, Native Acacia, Palash, Belpatra, Adusa, Khabar which is found only in Khadar, Arjun, Jhau, Chitrak Guler, Mahua, Farash, Kansas grass, White Cirrus, Dhak, Miswak, Gamhar, including berries of three species are present there. Now those plants have grown into trees  After the success of this trial, the DDA provided 2 acres of land there, so that the park could be built there. 

Not only big trees but small and big creepers will also be planted here. According to sources, a multi-layered forest will also be prepared here.


With the formation of the park, tourists will not only increase with the natural beauty, apart from this, due to the increase of trees, it will also help in pollution control. Along with this, the number of indigenous trees in the capital will also increase. 

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