Sunday, October 17

Inside Photos: This is the new luxurious Flipkart headquarter in Bangalore, bigger than 12 football fields

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Online shopping giant Flipkart has found a new address. It is not just a virtual office, but three giant buildings. Yes, the company’s new headquarters is built in Ambassi Tech Village near Outer Ring Road, Bangalore. Flipkart new office is spread over 8.3 million square feet. You will be amazed to know that this Flipkart headquarter is bigger than 12 football fields. The campus was inaugurated on 31st March, including the entire team of Flipkart along with CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy, founder Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal.



Amazing Look of Flipkart Headquarter 

This headquarter of Flipkart is equipped with all the modern amenities. Looking at the pictures of the campus, it looks like it can be the office of a giant company like Flipkart, which is worth about 20 billion US dollars, or 1.35 billion rupees.

Look at the images here:

Flipkart Headquarter


Flipkart has shared a video on Facebook and has given a glimpse of its new office. As well as a message, welcome to the new address of ‘Flipkart’.


It is being said that Flipkart wanted a mini-city-like office on the lines of European cities, which is well connected by foot and main road. There is also plenty of greenery. It is clear from the pictures that these three buildings of the company have been able to fulfill their objective to a large extent.

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Basketball court on the roof has been built on this campus of Flipkart. There is also the facility of rock climbing and virtual games. The office is quite open-open, in which many bright colors have been used. On the other hand, the zones have also been built on the other side where employees can do brainstorming as well as focusing on them well.

Watch the video here shared of Flipkart New Office in Bangalore


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