Tuesday, March 28

New emojis introduced by Whatsapp

The cross platform mobile messaging app, Whatsapp, is now in a new avatar. Having posed as a serious threat to text messaging service since its launch, this app has revolutionized the texting culture globally. Whatsapp has recently introduced some new features in its new version.
After a month of beta testing, Whatsapp has rolled out v2.12.250 to Android users, which brings a number of features to the popular messaging app. However, the new version is only available on its website and not out in Google Play store yet.

Here are 4 amazing new features of the new version of the app :

1)New emojis
There are a bunch of whatsapp new emoji for the Android users. Unlike its last version, emoji whatsapp include Spock salute, middle finger, more diverse facial emojis, and a bunch of LGBT emojis. Also, the face emojis are available in different skin tones.

2)Reduced data consumption
So next time you call your friend, you needn’t worry about data. The new version of Whatsapp reduces your data consumption.
In menu settings, under Chats and Calls menu, there is an option Low Data Usage. Click on it and save data while calling via Whatsapp.

3)Mute individual contacts
Muting group conversation is a passe now. You can mute individual contact as well in the new update. You can actually get rid of that bugging acquaintance who keeps on pinging for no reason.

Just check the Mute bar in the ‘About’ menu. Slide the Mute bar to the right and you can see for how much time you want to mute the chat: 8 hours, a week, or a year.

4)Mark as Unread
The new version enables you to unread even after you have read them. This feature does not make it appear as if you have not read the message yet, and your messages will appear as read to senders even after you mark them as unread. Instead, it can be used to highlight messages so you can get back to them later.

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