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New Cream For The Treatment Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a fatal disease. The abnormal growth of cells in the skin is called skin cancer. It is mainly caused by direct exposure to the sun. Soon this deadly disease will not only be stopped but will also be treated by new cream. This article was published in Jagaran. The cream has been developed to combat skin cancer at the Cancer Research Center of Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh. According to researchers, it will prove to be an effective cream for skin cancer.

skin cancer
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Skin cancer treatment

A red pigment element has been used to make this cream. Which is found in the bacteria called Rhodanine Ficrophyllum found in Pegong Lake of Ladakh. The team of scientists has worked on this for about seven years. Enthused by the success, the scientists claim that this cream will work on all stages of skin cancer. It may be available in the market by 2025. In this research, which lasted for about seven years, scientists found that the most significant cause of skin cancer is the excessive use of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. Some part of it enters our body through food and drinking water which causes cancer.

What happened in the research?

Scientists from Shoolini University took water and soil samples from Pangong Lake in Ladakh in 2015. After that, the red pigment element was isolated by scientists from the bacterium found in it, Rhodanine Ficrophyllum. The same red pigment has now been given the form of a cream. Two scientists from IIT Delhi have also collaborated in this work in 2018. Dr. Kamal Dev, Director of Cancer Research Center, Shoolini University, says that we all know that the ultraviolet rays from the sun are very harmful to the skin. Many such things naturally present in our body help fight ultraviolet rays and prevent skin cancer. But when our body starts getting old and weak, then the bacteria of cancer start dominating.

Pangong Lake is at a very high altitude. Here, the sun’s rays are more potent than at other places, due to which the ultraviolet ray there is more deadly. Because of this, Rhodanine Ficrophyllum can fight ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the red pigment prepared in it is more effective in preventing cancer.

According to Dr. Kamal Dev, it was patented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2019. The clinical trial of this cream will start soon. Then, it will be first trialed by scientists on animals at the University’s Cancer Research Center itself. If this cream is successful on animals, then its clinical trial will be done by scientists on humans. If the trial is successful, then it will be commercially produced in collaboration with a private company.

Signs And Types Of Skin Cancer

skin cancer

One of the earliest signs of skin cancer is small, scaly spots caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. It can occur in any part of the body but usually in the neck, head, and hands. Sometimes they are also due to allergies, but over time they take the form of cancer. Therefore, it needs to be treated quickly with time. There are the following types of skin cancer.

  • Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP)
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma
  • Microcystic adnexal carcinoma
  • Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC)
  • Sebaceous carcinoma
  • Undifferentiated pulmonary sarcoma
  • Extramammary Paget’s Disease (EMPD)

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