Friday, March 24

Nescafe advert teaches you how failure is just the stepping stone to success!

From Deepika Padukone grooving and belly dancing in the Nescafe cold coffee, to now a cartoonist getting inspired by Nescafe the coffee brand has come a long way. Their latest advertisement shows a cartoonist laid off from a newspaper. The newspaper claims, cartoons aren’t really in demandanymore. Disheartened he walks off andthat is where the advertisement begins.The protagonist has been laid off from the newspaper he works for. His facial expressions capture his angst perfectly as he revisits his good old days and recounts memories of how cartoons aremade. They are a peek into other’s lives,lessons learnt interspersed with humour. But then, when he is laid off, does that mean his cartoons die too?
A questions Nescafe has answered for all of us. However busy we might be, however tied up or perhaps down in the dumps – it does not mean that life has ended. Sometimes, failures are the stepping stones to success and what you think of as the end of the world might just the beginning of a completely new one!We are all so involved in our jobs and our careers that we just fail to see beyond them. Our entire existence is our workspace. Love it or hate it, we as the office-going creative crowd just can’t think beyond our cubicles. Through this new advert, Nescafe has tried to break the mould and do something different. And have they succeeded! It is not always about sticking to and going with the flow. You need to trust yourself and be fearless, no matter what. Take the first step and success will surely follow! We absolutely adore this new advertby Nescafe and are sure you’ll love it too!

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