Sunday, April 2

Neha Kakkar has disclosed her relationship with Himanshu Kohli.

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Bollywood’s famous singer Neha Kakkar and ‘Yaariyan’ movie actor Himansh Kohli love news is going on for a long time. But so far both have not put a stamp on their new relationship. However, Neha has recently made a statement about this relationship which confirms that both are in a relationship.

Neha Kakkar with himanshu kohli


Neha Kakkar has been arrested in the love of Himansh

Neha has commented on the ongoing news about the relationship between herself and Himanshu, that they are together from the time of ‘Yariyaan’ itself. We are very good friends and now we have become a traveller because we travel mostly because of work. We are good friends and want to take the new love story one step further.

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neha kakkar in relationship with himanshu kohli


Shoot  Hamsafar’ video together

Neha has just recently shot a ‘Hamsafar’ song with Himanshu and she is romancing him in the video. This song is sung by Neha and her brother Tony Kakkar. According to reports both of them had celebrated New Year and Valentines Day together. Both of them may not express their love, but the manner in which the news is coming from, everything looks as clear as a mirror.

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