Tuesday, March 28

Negative Impact Of Online Classes On Students.

After the end of The Corona Epidemic, offline classes have started in most parts of the country. Along with offline classes, online classes are also going on in some other states, including Delhi, because still, all the children are not able to come to school. If seen, online classes have now become a part of life. In some states, all the studies up to class VIII are still going on online. Online classes have helped a lot during the Corona pandemic. But with time, the negative impact of online classes is also coming to the fore. Today we will tell about the negative impact of online classes.

 negative impact of online classes

Online classes have indeed helped the children a lot due to the Corona epidemic. The online class has a great contribution in maintaining the education system regularly. But gradually, its negative impact indicates that the offline classes of all the children should be started as soon as possible. Let us look at the negative impact of online classes on students one by one.

The negative impact of online classes

  • Many such families did not have money to buy a smartphone. Such children could not conduct their online classes regularly and started considering themselves behind as compared to others. Apart from this, such children suffer from this mental depression that their family is very backward from other families. Fear dominates the mind of such children.
  • Many such families have more than 2 children in their house. In this situation, the parents of the children were able to get the phone to only one child. Because of this, a feeling of inferiority and hatred arises in the mind of the other child. In this way, a smartphone becomes a cause of discord for the whole family. They also suffer from the inferiority complex of such a child.
  • During online classes, children also used to mute the phone and were busy with some other work like playing games, being active on social media, etc. During this time, there was no one to see him, directly affecting his education.
  • In the online class, the teacher does not have direct contact with the child. Due to a lack of direct contact with the teachers, it wasn’t easy to understand the concept.
  • Sometimes it used to happen that even after all the efforts, the teachers cannot teach properly in the online class.
  • The exam has never been conducted transparently during the online class. Due to this, the mentality that should be formed in the children about the exam cannot be formed. In this way, the purpose of teaching through online classes is not being fulfilled.
  • The children who study day and night in online classes have got many mental and physical diseases. In such children, there have been problems like insomnia, heaviness of eyes, irritability, the problem of headache. Many doctors have warned that such problems at this young age can be dangerous in the future.
  • One of the most negative impacts of online classes is that children no longer want to be social. Children who have gotten used to online classes now do not want to sit in offline classes. Such children have greatly reduced interaction with people.
  • Many children have got smartphone phobia. If they did not get the phone, then their nature would have become stubborn and eccentric. It is extremely dangerous for their mental health.

Looking at so many negative impact of online classes on students, we can say that only education is being supplied here; The Purpose Of Education is not being fulfilled. Children are the country’s future; if such carelessness happens with the education of children, then the country’s future can be in danger. Therefore, along with dealing with the corona epidemic, offline classes should be started as soon as possible.

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