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Navratri recipes during fasting:list of mouthwatering and best Vrat recipes

As we know Navratri 2018 has begun. And in this duration we follow lots of rules and regulation specially for food. Mostly indian people follow these concept of eating food during the nine days. They strictly avoid these eating foods like onions, garlic, and non-veg. Some people fully avoid to take food, they just take milk and fruits in fasting. During the festivities some people think – what to eat when fasting ? We have amazing upvas food list that you can include in your navratri recipes.

Makhana Chaat

Have you ever think about makhana recipes for fast? lets come here and see how to make makhana chaat. Fox nuts (makhana) are mostly used dry fruit during the festival season. You can include it in your navratri recipes because this is very light and healthy for health.

Dry Fruits Milkshake
You can start you navratri fast with this sweet dish in the morning. It keep you fully energetic in whole day. If people want to avoid salt in upvas food then consume this ideal drink.
dry fruit milkshake navratri recipes

Varai Dosa
If you are looking for power packed breakfast in navratri then can include Varai Dosa as food during fasting. Varai is a kind of rice that is also called Samo rice. So keep your eyes on this video to make this easy upwas food.

Sabudana Vada
If you want to eat some crispy fried falahaar food then one famous item is here i.e. Sabudana Vada. This recipe is most popular maharashtriyan upwas food during fasting or even on regular basis. Fried potato boll with penut mixed looks so yumm.

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