Wednesday, October 4

Navratri 2018: Know What is the Best Time for Worship

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Vasant Navratri has commenced today and will continue for nine days. Goddess Durga is worshipped on these nine days. According to Hindu mythology, it is said that, worship of Mother Durga in Navaratri gets rid of every difficulty. Navratri 2018 year is eight days and not nine days.

Navratri 2018


Auspicious time for setting up the urn for Navratri 2018

The auspicious time will be available on the basis of Kalash-establishment (curtailment) on 18th March from 07.25am to 3.00 am. It would be best to make an imposition during this time. There are many auspicious occasions in Vasant Navaratri. The Hindu New Year commences on the day of Navaratri.

Well, good time starts from the beginning of Navratri festival, so if a person does not establish a decline in the said auspicious time, then he can establish an urn at any time throughout the day, there is no misfortune to it. Navratri Puja is home to pleasure and prosperity in the house.

Names of Goddess Durga –

– Navaratri Day 1 Pratipada, Kalash Setting: March 18, 2018 (Sunday): Mother Shailputri Pooja.

– Navaratri day 2, Dwitiya: March 19, 2018 (Monday): Mother Brahmacharini Pooja.

– Navaratri Day 3, Tritiya: 20 March 2018 (Tuesday): Mother Chandraghanta Pooja.

– Navaratri Day 4, Chaturthi: March 21, 2018 (Wednesday): Mother Kushmanda Pooja.

– Navaratri day 5, Panchami: 22 March 2018 (Thursday): Mother Skandmaata Pooja.

– Navaratri day 6, Sheshi: 23 March 2018 (Friday): Mother Katyani Puja.

– Navaratri day 7, Saptami: 24 March 2018 (Saturday): Mother Kalratri pooja.

– Navaratri day 8, Ashtami / Navami: March 25, 2018 (Sunday): Mother Mahagauri, mother Siddhidathri

– Navaratri day 9, Dashami, Navaratri Parana, 26 March 2018 (Monday)

names of goddess durga navratri 2018


The establishment of the urn and the worship method

Before any worship in Hindu scriptures, the provision of worship of Ganesha is stated. According to a belief related to the urn in the worship of the mother, the Kalash is considered to be the antithesis of Lord Shiva. Therefore, firstly the Kalasha is worshipped. Prior to setting up the Kalash, the worship place should be purified with the Ganges water.

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On the day of the establishment of the Kalash, the worship of the first goddess of Navaratri, the Shailpurutri form of Maa Durga is worshipped. All devotees fast on this day and in the evening, Durga opens her vow by reciting and reciting the mother’s devotion.

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