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National Pollution Control Day 2021: Importance

For the last few decades, pollution has been spreading all over India with its deadly form. One of the reasons for this is that Air Pollution Is Seen A Lot In The Winter Season. Since the wind blows less in winter, the lethal smoke and dust stay down due to moisture. It increases the level of pollution. Also, due to stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, the air of the surrounding states becomes very polluted, in which it isn’t easy to even breathe. National Pollution Control Day (2021) is celebrated every year on 2 December.

National Pollution Control Day 2021

Although the history of celebrating National Pollution Control Day 2021 on 2 December has been different, its main purpose has always been the same. The main objective of celebrating this day is to spread awareness for the management and control of industrial disasters and to make efforts to prevent pollution. Let us now see what the history of National Pollution Control Day is?

National Pollution Control Day 2021


This day is celebrated in the memory of those who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Bhopal Gas Tragedy was caused due to leakage of toxic chemicals methyl isocyanate (MIC) and other chemicals from the Union Carbide chemical plant. It had happened in the city on the intervening night of 2nd and 3rd December 1984. According to the information, more than 500,000 people died due to the leakage of poisonous gas from the MIC. Not only this, around 8,000-10,000 people died in the next 72 hours.

You will be surprised to know that due to the effect of this poisonous gas, many people came under the grip of disease and died. A report says that about 25,000 people died due to diseases related to the gas tragedy. This tragedy was recognized as the biggest industrial pollution disaster in history all over the world. And since then, National Pollution Control Day was celebrated on 2 December so that people could be made aware of the poisonous gas. Also, serious preventive measures can be adopted to avoid such a type of disaster in the future.

Factors Of Pollution

There has been talking about controlling pollution for several decades, but no concrete result has been achieved. In winter, the air quality index remains around 300 in almost all the major cities of North India. Air pollution is much higher in cities than in villages because it contains more vehicular smoke and dust from roads and construction sites. And with the smoke of those vehicles, pollution takes a dangerous form when the stubble smoke mixes in this smoke and dust. But only the stubble burning in the fields is not responsible for the pollution.

Our entire country’s cities are getting buried under the burden of the population. With the increasing population, the needs also increase. With the increase in population density, two-wheelers and four-wheelers are continuously increasing in the cities. As the development and speed pick up, the number of vehicles will also increase. 

Also, when any construction work is going on in our country, it is old of the method. In this method, a lot of dust flies, and it is also time-consuming. The problem of pollution will be solved properly when the emphasis is on developing an eco-friendly lifestyle. For this, the government and the citizens of the country should also have their duty.

Today, on National Pollution Control Day 2021, we all should take an oath that we will never become the cause of pollution. We should never do any work that spoils the quality of the air. If the pollution is not controlled, then our coming generation will have to face many difficulties. If we all together do not improve our lifestyle, the factors Polluting The Environment will keep raising our heads. Then in the coming time, we will not be able to stop it even if we want to.

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