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National Almond Day: Dried Almond Or Soaked Almond?

February 16 is celebrated as National Almond Day. There is an important reason to celebrate the National Day for Almonds. Some historians believe that almonds were one of the earliest cultivated foods by mankind. Almonds are mentioned in history as long ago as biblical. However, there is still controversy regarding the origin of almonds. Almonds are believed to have been first cultivated in China and Central Asia. Gradually it spread all over the world. There are many varieties of almonds available all over the world today. Today, on the occasion of National Almond Day, we will know how to eat Nutrient-Rich Almonds.

National Almond Day

National Almond Day

Which One Are Better, Dried Or Soaked Almonds?

Everyone likes to eat almonds because it also tastes good and is very beneficial for health. Almonds contain many nutrients like fibre, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, copper, and phosphorous, useful for good health. People eat almonds in many ways. For example, some people like to eat roasted almonds, while others like to eat dried or soaked almonds. But do you know that devouring almonds are advantageous for health in all these three ways?

If you want to take advantage of almonds’ nutrients, the best way is to eat almonds. If you devour dried almonds or roasted almonds, then your body does not get the whole advantage of zinc and iron present in it. In addition, consuming raw or roasted almonds does not remove the phytic acid present, hindering the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, eating soaked almonds rich in nutrients is completely beneficial for health. On the day of National Almond Day, let us know the health benefits of eating soaked almonds.

More nutrients

By eating soaked almonds, the body gets more nutrients. In addition, drenched almonds get rid of contaminants that prevent the body from absorbing certain nutrients.

Helpful in weight control

Some enzymes like lipase are released in the body by eating soaked almonds, which boosts metabolism. Therefore, eating soaked almonds reduces the effect of obesity in the body. Therefore soaked almonds are effective in controlling weight.

Maintaining proper digestion

Almonds become very soft after soaking, and they are easy to chew. Almonds are also rich in antioxidants, due to which their benefits increase even more. Therefore, eating soaked almonds keeps the digestive system healthy.

Keeps the mind sharp

Eating soaked almonds improves memory. Vitamin E is present in plenty in it, which helps in increasing the brain capacity. With its continuous consumption, remembrance and understanding ability increase. Therefore, it is generally advised to eat soaked almonds for children studying.

Enhance skin glow

Soaked almonds are extremely advantageous in making the skin shine. This is because it contains antioxidants and vitamin E, which protect your cells from damage. Apart from this, it removes wrinkles on the face and Brings A Glow To The Face.

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