Tuesday, July 27

What is the truth of NASA’s earthquake prediction in Delhi-NCR?

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Nowadays, as quickly as the news and information is being transmitted through social media, it is spread like a fire. Although the rumors have been round on the social media, but then they did not get promoted so fast. Whatsapp has become a strong medium for the rapid publicity of both news and rumors. Messages readers also forward it without knowing the truth of the news. This raises the market of rumor. Right now we are talking about earthquake messages.

earthquake Whatsapp


The market of such  rumors on WhatsApp today is hot. In a message from Whatsapp, it is said that the famous international space agency NASA has predicted an earthquake between April 7 and 15 in the Delhi-NCR region. This message in English is being said that NASA has projected the magnitude of the earthquake on the reactor scale from 9.1 to 9.2.

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It is also being said in this message that people should go out of their homes at those days . The center of the earthquake is being told in Gurugram, Haryana. It is also being said that the impact of this earthquake will be from Pakistan to UP and Bihar. In the message, a NASA website, is also being given a link, where the warning has been issued.

What is the truth of earthquake message via whatsapp?

This message is completely rumored and nonsense. First of all, no country or agency has ever been able to invent any technology predicting earthquake. It can not tell when and when the earthquake will occur. NASA do not claim any such prediction. On behalf of the Gyanwalebaba.com, people are urged to pay no attention to such rumors and also tell the truth of this viral message to others.