Narad Jayanti 2018: When Father Brahma Gave Narada the Curse of Unmarridness
Wednesday, March 22

Narad Jayanti 2018: When Father Brahma Gave Narada the Curse of Unmarridness

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Every year, the Krishna Paksha II of the may month is celebrated Narada Jayanti. According to Hindu scriptures, Narada has been considered as one of the seven sons of Brahma. Narada is considered to be the great sage of the Gods. For this reason, he is also called Devshree. We have some curious things to tell on the occasion of Narad Jayanti 2018.

Narad Jayanti

Image: Hindu Jagoran

Narad Jayanti 2018: Who is Narad Muni?

According to Hindu beliefs, Narada Muni was born on the lap of Brahma ji, the creator of creation. It is said that after hard austerity, Dev Shree had received the post of Brahmarshi. Narad was very knowledgeable and because of this, monsters or Devi-gods used to be very respected and honoured by him. Devshi Narada is considered a Guru of Maharishi Vyas, Maharishi Balmiki and Mahagani Shukdev. It is said that due to the curse of Narada Muni, Lord Rama had to endure separation from Goddess Sita.

When Narada Muni got a curse 

According to the scriptures, Brahrajji asked Narada to participate in the deeds of creation and to marry but he refused to obey the command of his father. In anger, Bahraji cursed Devshi Narad for lifelong unmarriedness. It is also written in the Puranas that King Prajapati Daksh had cursed Narada that he would not be able to stop for more than two minutes. That is why Narada used to travel often.

 Narada Muni is the Devotee of Lord Vishnu

Devshi Narad is the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu. Narada is very dear to Shri Hari Vishnu too. Narada always praises Vishnu with the melodious tone of his harp and always chant “Narayan Narayan”. It is also believed that Narada also helps the devotees of their adorable Vishnu. Narada, who preached to devotees like devotees Prahlad, Bhakta Ambrishesh and Dhruv, moved in the path of devotion.

Knowledge of Narada  Devshi Narada is considered as of a scholar. He has knowledge of many scriptures like Shruti-Smruti, History, Purana, Grammar, Vedanga, Music, Khagol-Geography, Jyotish and Yoga.

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