Thursday, July 8

Multiplex Fined Rs 11,000 For Refusing To Allow Water Bottle

It’s a common practice for all movie lovers to pay huge amounts for nuying mineral water in multiplexes. Multiplex theatres do not allow the customers to take water bottle inside so that the they can buy water bottle from the cinema threatre itself, the price of which are exorbitantly high.

One of the customer approached National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) after the multiplex had not allowed the customer to carry his water bottle (Rs. 20) inside the cinema hall.

The bench gave its verdict following on this and  it has  has ordered a multiplex to pay Rs. 11000 for customer saying that it will be an act of deficiency in rendering service to the customers who paid a substantial amount for watching the movie

The theatre had cited security reasons for not allowing the consumer to take the water bottle inside. Agreeing with that the bench had said htat multiplex may have the right to stop its patrons from carrying a water bottle in case of security reasons.