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Mothers Day 2018: 7 such things that no one else can ask except mother

Mothers Day 2018

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Mother’s Day is one of the most special days when you can appreciate your mother. On this day, the sacrifices made through mothers are remembered. Not just you or ours, but every mother is like this, who gives her life for her children. Any fluctuation in life comes, but the mother’s love never changes. Every trouble has crossed every problem and the love of the mother and children remains always the same.

Find out about 7 things that only you can call your mother.

1. Did you eat or not? 
Why do not you reach the house even at 2 a.m., your mother will definitely ask you every time you eat food or not?

 2. My child is the most beautiful
Indeed! You also find yourself standing where you stand in a matter of beauty. But for your mother, you will always be the king son or queen, for your mother you are the most beautiful child of this world.3. What is this worn? 
You and we know how much competition is in fashion race. Whenever a new shopping is done, every mother has a question about what she is worn? If you also like to follow new styles, then your mom will also ask these questions.

4. What will you eat today? 
Whether you are in school or in the office every mother will ask her children what to cook in the food today? Not just now, if you do not become 50, this question of mother will be the same every time.

5. Why do you get on the phone 24 hours!
Now let’s understand the moms that there are tons of apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, which have to be updated. Well, this question of mom’s can never be stopped.

6. Health is OK? 
It is true that no one can do anything as much as care a mother can do. Nowadays everyone in the lifestyle is getting sick before time and you must have also noticed that if you get a little tired at home then your mother will definitely ask you that the health is good.

7. When are you coming home? 
Whether you live for 400 km away from your mother for work or study or with only 4 kilometres of friends, every mother asks the same question when are you coming home?
So,  these were the 7 things which make your mother special. This mother’s day appreciate your mother by spending time with her because she only wants your time because you are the world for her.
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