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Most Precious Trees Of The Indian Climate

Due to the wide variety of climates, a lot of diversity is found in India. According to the available data, India ranks tenth in the world and fourth in Asia in terms of plant diversity. Some such trees are said that they can grow only in India. These trees have been growing in the soil and climate here for centuries. They have a very close relationship with the land, birds, insects, and the people here. We are talking about some precious trees like Banyan, Peepal, Neem, Tamarind, and Mango. All these trees grow in most parts of India.

Name of that precious trees

The banyan tree is the largest tree that grows on its own. Some of its branches hang down and sink into the soil, which forms another stem in addition to the main stem. In good condition, this tree lasts for hundreds of years because even if one part is killed, the other remains fresh. Birds eat their fruit with great fervor. Due to its shady and widespread, many types of animals, birds and insects make their own small world.

banyan tress

The peepal tree is similar to the banyan tree but it has only one stem. Its leaves are very beautiful In the month of February-March, many new leaves of pink copper color emerge. Due to the tree becoming completely green, even when there is no wind, they move and rustle. It is difficult to tell why peepal leaves are so active. Peepal is also considered a sacred tree by Hindus and Buddhists. This purity is also echoed by its scientific name Ficus Religiosa.

peepal tree

Neem is also known as the companion of Peepal. Companion because these two trees are planted together especially near temples and places of worship. Neem tree is considered to be physically beneficial for humans. Its leaves, seeds, wood, bark, fruits, and green twigs are all used to make medicines and protect health. Its shade is also considered more dense and cold than the shade of other trees.

Neem tree

The shade of the tamarind tree was also very dense. Its leaves are small. There is a fold on their bottom, which protects them from the sun and the glare of the sun. Its fruit is delicious. There is hardly any child in India who has not picked up tamarind from under a tree and tasted it. The aroma of tamarind adds flavor to even the mildest of foods.


Mango is the best tree that gives the fruit of our country. Its fruit is very tasty as well as very nutritious. Once a mango tree takes root, there is no need to take care of it later. It can grow in any part of India except high hills and true deserts.

precious trees

There are also some other precious trees that have become associated with our life and culture. What is the life of a region often like, it depends on what kind of trees are there. The life of some areas is dependent on bamboo, while some have betel nuts.

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