Tuesday, November 28

Mosquitoes! Forget China’s path. If you go, new technology will be killed from two kilometers away.

According to a senior scientist involved in China’s government research project. China is working on a radar technology that can detect mosquitoes coming within a radius of 2 kilometers. The prototype of this radar is being tested in a defense laboratory located in the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Mosquitoes Radar Technology
source: indiatimes.com

This news is good for humans but it is very bad for mosquitoes.

In a race to become a superpower, where almost every country is preparing to stop itself from the attack of fighter jets and missiles, this step of China is no less than any strategy. Obviously, the purpose of this project is not limited to killing mosquitos only. If China was successful in this experiment then it would prove to be so strong that even a small mosquito can not escape it.

Speaking to South China Morning Post, a senior researcher working on this project said. “The size of the mosquito track and identify as many targets is no longer a science tale, we are very soon in our new technology Will start using and saving lives.

Well, there is one thing. The success of this test can save thousands of lives from mosquitoes like malaria and Zica virus and can be learned.

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