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Moore’s law: Will The World Of Computer And Mobile End?

Moore’s law is a prediction of a Doctor Gordon Elleur Moore of Intel Corporation made in April 1965. He said that the number of transistors on the integrated circuit would double every year.  But then in 1975, it was amended to say that instead of one year, it would double for two years. Due to which the new gadgets will do faster processing than the previous ones. With the increase in speed, their cost will be less than before.  Moore’s law is an example of futurology. This science has tried to understand the events that will happen in the future. 

Moore's law

This law of Moore fits perfectly in today’s era.

Let us understand this with some examples. 

You must remember that the 2010 iPhone 4 smartphone. That phone had 512 MB RAM and a single-core processor.  And today in 2021 the iPhone 12 has arrived.  This iPhone has 4GB RAM and 6 core processor, which already works at a much faster speed.  This iPhone has changed 8 times in ten years.

Now let’s see another example with a computer. 

Talking about 2010, the desktop at that time was Intel Core 2 duo processor and 4 GB RAM was best for any work. And now 10 core processors and 32 Gb RAM are being considered as a better computer.  Like mobile, an increase of up to 8 times can be seen in computer. 

Their price has also come down considerably as compared to earlier. Thus we can see that Moore’s law is true to a large extent.  Now it remains to be seen whether Moore’s law will continue to work in the same way or will there come a time beyond which our scientists will not be able to reach?

Moore's law

Or will the scientists have to adopt some other method to bring development in the world of mobile and computer in the future?

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