Tuesday, November 28

Allegations of money laundering on Russian President Putin’s family

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A Danish newspaper has revealed that the family of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence agency were using Denmark’s largest bank for money laundering. The newspaper said this  on the basis of the warning given to Danish bank managers in 2013. According to the report, he was using the Estonian branch of the bank for money laundering.

Valdamir Putin

Image: Newyork Times

The Danish Berling’s newspaper said on Tuesday that the leaked internal report has indicated that the leadership of Danske Bank was aware of the case. The newspaper also said that in 2013 Danske Bank had closed accounts of 20 Russian customers. This step was taken after the reports alleged that the Estonian branch of the bank was involved in illegal activity.

However, the identity of the customer was kept confidential. The newspaper shared the details of this plan with some journalists who wrote news against corruption. Danske Bank’s response to this case is not available at the moment.

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How this case affects the reputation of Putin?

Putin is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential man. He has millions of assets on his name which is not disclosed yet. His involvement in the case will hamper his political image. He is known to be in power for more than two decades. If the charges on him proves there will be a possibility that he could resign from the post. The case is in investigation phase and we cannot come into any conclusions before that.

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