Saturday, September 23

Monday Full Update: Sridevi Death Cause Comes to ‘Suspect’ Angle

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As soon as Sridevi’s fans heard the news of her demise, they started gathering outside her house in Mumbai, waiting to see the last glimpse of their favourite actress on Sunday, but their wait was increased even on Monday. Sridevi’s body did not reach Mumbai even on Monday. Sridevi death cause comes to ‘Suspect’ angle.

Sridevi death cause

Image: Filmfare

We explain to you yesterday’s timeline of events

7:00 AM

It was believed that Sridevi would be brought to Mumbai by Monday morning, so fans had started gathering out of his house.

8:00 AM

Last rites time was fixed at 12 pm.

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10:00 AM

As the day began to climb, different news came in the media. Someone said that the dead body would come by 4 o’clock but in Dubai the story was different.

3:00 pm

The post-mortem of the actress was done. The police came to know that the case was not a heart attack but the death is due to drowning in a bathtub, they increased the scope of their investigation

4:00 PM

Even after the completion of the post-mortem, forensic experts continued to insist that a second post-mortem should be done.

5:00 pm

The police postponed the second post-mortem theory and released a Death Certificate.

 6:00 PM

Sridevi death certificate was made. The death was due to drowning in the bathtub and the police said that the case needs to be examined again.

7:00 pm 

After the theory of drowning in the bathtub, the police transferred the case to the public prosecutor. Prosecutor has to interrogate the people linked to her death including the hotel staff.

7:30 PM  

The public prosecutor is now going to investigate this case again to find out Sridevi death cause. Statements of husband Boney Kapoor are going to be recorded after which the body can be handed over to the family.

Sridevi death cause


8:00 PM

Now everything depends on the public prosecutor, after how many days he will give the clean chit to take the body.

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