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Mohammed Shami charged with violence, attempt to murder & rape

Mohamed shami

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The ongoing dispute between Team India cricketer Mohammed Shami and his wife Haseen Jahan has reached court. Haseen has lodged a case against Mohammed Shami in Kolkata’s Lal Bazar police station on Thursday. Haseen has lodged a case against Shami in several sections. Shami has been booked for a case against Rape, attempt to murder, beating and dowry harassment charges.

Haseen had already made serious allegations of extramarital relations of her husband but now she has made serious allegations of match-fixing.  According to the news of Wah, she said that Shami has taken money from a Pakistani girl in Dubai.

Haseen told media that Shami had taken money from a Pakistani girl named Alisba in Dubai. She also mentions the involvement of a person named ‘Mohammed Bhai’. Haseen said, “When Mohammad Shami can cheat me, he can deceive the country too. He had taken money under the pressure of Mohammed Bhai, who lives in England. I have evidence of this. Shami also booked a room in Dubai’s hotel as ‘Single Adult’. Shami also booked a room for the Alisba from Karachi. Shami had never told me anything about it. In conversation with me on the phone, Shami had accepted the acceptance of the money. I have a recording too. ‘ she adds.

Shami told the allegations are baseless

However, Shami’s comments to the latest charges are yet to come. But Shami has earlier termed all the allegations levelled as baseless. Mohammed Shami said, ‘All these allegations levelled against me are baseless. They have no meaning. She (Haseen) said that all this has happened with her for five years, but the reality is that our marriage has just been for four years. If all this had been happening for the last five years, then why did all this come out now? Why did these things take so long to come out? ‘ Shami also said that this is part of a deep conspiracy.

 A case of keeping relations with many women

It is noteworthy that Shami’s wife Hassin Jha shared several serious allegations on Shami by sharing his private chats made from his social media account on Tuesday. She accused Shami of having relationships with many women. Haseen had shared many photographs in this post as evidence against Mohammed Shami.

These photos have screenshots of chats Shami made to several girls. Apart from Shami’s girlfriends, photos of some foreign women were also shared. However, Shami’s name has not been identified in any of these posts. At the same time, Haseen had alleged that Shami attacked him after returning from the South Africa tour.


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