Saturday, September 23

Mobile Will Break And Repair Broken Glass Itself

Although the whole world has become stable due to covid, it also had many benefits for example technology. The whole world has made great use of technology while working from home.  Because of this, the technology that might have developed in 2025 is still happening. The scientists of our country are bringing new ideas to this field.  You must have seen in a science fixation movie that some electronic devices break down and then they are automatically repaired and joined. Then you must have thought that this cannot happen.  Experts from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur have shown this to be true.  They have invented a substance that can repair broken glass itself very quickly. This will be the biggest breakthrough in the field of technology.

broken glass repair itself

Comparison with old self-healing material

Apart from electronic devices, this material can also be used in the optical industry.  Although a self-healing material had been developed before, it was used only in aerospace, engineering, and automation.  According to scientists, this new material is 10 times harder than the previously used material.  This new material uses its electrical charge to repair a broken glass itself.  According to him, when a highly crystalline material breaks down, it pushes itself forward and reassembles the broken one.  It does this work so well that it becomes difficult to find out where that was broken.

 repair broken glass itself

Professor Bhanu Bhushan of IIT Kharagpur told that during repair, the fractured objects move with acceleration with a speed similar to the wings of a bee. There is no estimate of how long it will take for this substance to reach the general public. But yes when it comes to the market then many problems will be solved.  This is going to prove to be a great contribution of scientists in the field of technology. 

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