Wednesday, October 4

Microplastic Need To Be Eliminated For Environment

After global warming and climate change are harming the environment, microplastic is also harming the environment. These fine particles are being found everywhere, whether it is air, water, or soil. When these particles reach the body, they cause a lot of harm to health. Not only humans but also animals and birds are doing the stuff of its ill-effects. But so far, no measures are being taken for the prevention of this microplastic pollution. Apart from this, there is no study yet regarding the health effects of this microplastic pollution.


What is microplastic?

A plastic material less than a micrometer in size is called microplastic. It can also be called plastic dust in a way. This plastic dust is formed by the friction between the wheels of the car and the road. These particles put the environment at risk due to their small size. For example, the dust of the tires of trucks and cars, Synthetic textiles, ropes, paints, etc.

Disadvantages of Microplastic Pollution

Their biggest problem is the small size of this microplastic. These can be caused by a gum or skin infection. Apart from this, microplastics can also damage the cornea by sticking in the eyes. The microbeads present in facial beauty products can cause infection of the face. These tiny particles of microplastic pollution are present in the air, which enter the lungs during breathing and damage the lungs.

Why are microplastic dangerous?

Microplastics undergo processes of physical, enzymatic, and microbial degradation. It never breaks completely. This microplastic can absorb extremely harmful hydrophobic carbonic prodrugs. The biggest problem is to remove it from the environment, especially from the aquatic environment. Removing microplastics from the aquatic environment is extremely difficult. Microplastics originating from plastic textile fibers are also present in the air.

Awareness about Microplastic

Delhi-based NGO Toxics Link, which has been working on pollution for a long time, has raised this issue. They have prepared a film on this issue in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to spread awareness. It is a two and a half minute film which is planning to be shown officially soon. According to sources, it has been told in this film that there is no such organism left in the water that is unaffected by micro or nano plastic. Microplastic particles are entering into aquatic organisms in considerable quantities. When people eat these aquatic creatures, especially fish, through them, these microplastics also enter humans.


Even though no one understands anything right now, in no time, microplastics or nano plastics will become a big problem for the environment. Some way or the other will have to be found to eliminate microplastic. Just as many studies are being done to eliminate plastic, it is necessary to study it to eliminate microplastic. Because more harm is done to the environment from microplastics than plastics. There will be no such aquatic organism that is not a victim of microplastics pollution in the coming few years.

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