Tuesday, October 3

Drive clean, Drive class, Drive the future with the Mercedes Benz ECar

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Mercedes Benz has launched its new range of ecar at the Paris motor show marking its foray into fully electric cars in the Luxury segment.

mercedes benz ecar at Paris motor show


New Luxury Electric Car: Mercedes Benz ECar-

The Mercedes Benz electric car with its dynamic exterior design and new electro-look emphasizes on the powerful electric drive system. In terms of safety, comfort, functionality and connectivity Mercedes luxury electric car should be the best electric car in the segment with a range of around 400 kilometres which can be recharged without having to be plugged in.

mercedes e car


Mercedes Benz Electric Vehicles
Among the auto manufacturers Mercedes has the most aggressive electrification plan and is constantly working in that direction. Daimler the manufacturer of the Mercedes range of luxury cars has plans to offer electric versions of all car models by 2022. To further this cause Mercedes Benz plans to build electric vehicles in volume at 6 factories across 3 continents and a “global battery network” to support the effort.

In its expansion drive Mercedes revealed its plan to include its manufacturing unit in Pune to make these electric vehicles (mercedes benz eq) in India. The commitment of the government to reduce pollution and increase dependency on non-combustion technologies can make India an emerging market for this technology in the near future.

The introduction of e car can reduce our dependency on petroleum and save crucial foreign exchange reserves with an added advantage of decrease in the pollution levels.

Apparently crucial efforts from the government’s side should include

  • Major reforms in the import duties and taxes on e cars
  • Necessary infrastructure to support the smooth running of e cars
  • Incentives for users who switch from regular models to electric ones

Mercedes Electric Car Price-
 Mercedes Benz is planning to price its electric model like other GLC models at around €50,000.

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