Tuesday, March 28

The Supreme Court has given shock to those who smoke cigarette, now every packet will be written – “Mera Baap Chor Hai”

The Supreme Court has given a huge blow to those who smoke cigarettes. The court has ordered the Tobacco companies that now on every packet of cigarettes ‘Mera Baap Chor Hai’!’ should be written. The court believes that writing such things, is the best way to quit smoking, people may quit the habit of a smoking cigarette!

cigarette 'Mera Baap Chor Hai'
source: samacharbihar.com

Quit Smoking Posters Regarding Cigarette, Khaini or Tobacco-

Along with this, the court has also ordered that the photo of ‘KRK’ should be printed. This will replace ‘scorpion’ on Khaini’s packets. No one has given up eating khaini after applying the photo of a scorpion. Maybe they quit after seeing the photo of KRK!

While hearing a PIL, the Chief Justice has given this important decision. During the debate in the court, the Chief Justice also strongly condemned the Central Government.

Court told the Finance Minister to resign

Taking on the finance minister, he said: “The consumption of cigarettes is increasing and you are sitting on hand holding hands! If you can not pay taxes, then resign! “

Then after hearing the rebuke of the court, the prosecutor went to Sakpaka and said softly, “The minister keeps interfering in the middle!” After hearing the arguments of the lawyer, the Chief Justice got into thinking and said, “Sir, this will not be done! Just have to do something new! “Just in case of this new innovation, the court ordered the companies to put the famous dialogue of ‘Deewar’ film should now be written on every packet.

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