Thursday, October 5

Man gave HIV virus injections to people faking cheap treatment in Unnao

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Cases of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) are increasing day by day. A number of people are getting infected by this deadly virus. In Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao 21 people have been diagnosed HIV positive. According to the reports, a quack allegedly used the same syringe to administer injections.

HIV unnao case

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Investigation behind Unnao HIV case

Unnao district’s CMO Dr SP Chaudhary said that this virus was confirmed after the health department launched a drive to probe the matter. This was done when a high number of HIV cases were reported from the area.

He further quoted:

“Seeing the high number of HIV cases, the health department formed a two-member committee. They visited various area of Bangarmau to investigate the reason behind the increase”

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Chaudhary said that the team visited Chakmirpur and Premganj areas of Bangarmau and screened people. A report has been filed. The screening took place from January 24 to January 27.

“In the screening camps, 556 people were tested. 11 people were found out to be HIV positive” CMO added
The investigation found that Rajendra Kumar, a resident of a nearby village, used a single syringe and injected people with the virus. He gained people’s trust by faking cheap treatment. This turned out to be the main reason for this increase hike in HIV cases.

A case against the culprit has been registered in Bangarmau police station.

The patients have given antiretroviral therapy (ART) to suppress the HIV and stop its growth. The patients were referred to a hospital in Kanpur. ART prevents the onward transmission of HIV.

unnao hiv cases


State health minister Sidharth Nath Singh commented on the matter and said that the matter is being investigated.

In India, 2.2 million people are living with this deadly virus. The number has been increasing from 2016 and has not stopped. In the coming years, it is predicted that it will increase. Cases like these should be strictly monitored and punishment should be given so that this should not be repeated again in future.

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