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Main Delicious Food Of Four States Of India

Mouth waters just after hearing the delicious food, especially in India. When a person is very hungry, then whatever food is served in front of him, he will find it tasty, whether the food is of his choice or not. Today we will talk about the delicious food found in some states of North India, which enhances the creation of the state. 

delicious food of India

Mustard greens and maize roti from Punjab

Mustard is available in Punjab as well as in other parts of India. But the greens made from that mustard are not found anywhere in the whole country. With delicious and full of nutrients, this dish compels people to come to Punjab. This dish is very much liked especially in winters.

Food Of Punjab

Litti Chokha of Bihar

If you went to Bihar and did not eat Litti Chokha, then understand that your going to Bihar has been vain. Bihari Liti Chokha is the pride of Bihar. Nowadays people hardly like the chokha, but the taste of the chokha made in Bihar is there, after eating it, anyone falls in love with that chokha. 

food of Bihar

Maduve bread of Uttarakhand

According to the climate of Uttarakhand, the crop that is grown there is mostly coarse cereals. And hence it is considered to be the main dish of Maduve ki roti with bhang or sesame chutney. It is delicious and full of nutrients. Uttarakhand is famous for the correct use of Panch Phool or five spices and varieties of other spices. It is famous all over the world for its special blend of flavors.

food of uttrakhand

Kangri Dham of Himachal Pradesh 

This is a plate of delicious dishes in which lentils, kidney beans, rice, curd, and jaggery are there. Any festival and special occasion are considered incomplete without it.  This delicious dish attracts people to Himachal Pradesh. 

food of Himachal Pradesh

In this way, we came to know about the main food of four states of India. In the next post, we will talk about the most delicious food in other states of India. 

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