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Mahatma Buddha: Founder Of Buddhism, Know History

“Rajan, this child will grow up to be either a Chakravarti emperor or a Parivrajak Mahatma,” said the astrologer looking at the boy. The name of this boy was Siddhartha, who later became Famous As Mahatma Buddha. Siddhartha was the child of Kapilvastu King Suddhodana’s old age, and that too did not take over his throne; how can this be tolerated?

Mahatma Buddha

As Siddhartha grew older, a web of materials of joy and luxury was woven around him. As soon as he stepped into his youth, he was married to Yashodhara. A new and beautiful palace was built for this newly married couple. Various types of groves were made in it, in which the beauty of nature used to do naughty things all the time. That palace was furnished with the means of amusement. Yashodhara gave birth to a son in these happy times. The grandson’s happiness was enough for King Shuddhodana. A ray of hope awakened in his mind. That handsome boy was named Rahul. But Siddhartha could stay in this environment only for some time.

Thought Of Siddartha

One day Siddhartha went out for a tour of the kingdom sitting in a chariot. On the way, he saw an old man who was walking with the help of wood with his waist bent. Siddharth asked the charioteer who it is. The charioteer told that this is old age; it happens to everyone at one time. Yuvraj Siddhartha fell into thought. At some distance, some people were seen carrying them with an epicedium. On being asked, the charioteer told that this is the last stage of human beings. It is called death. No one can escape from these clutches, either the king or the rook. The words of the charioteer hurt Siddhartha’s soft heart, and he ordered him to return. Even after reaching the palace, his worries did not go away.

Siddhartha kept thinking that every creature has to be surrounded by diseases, every animal has to grow old, and in the end, everyone has to die. Everyone has to go through the same stage. Then what is the use of this beautiful palace, these instruments of pleasure, these watches of luxury? No one’s grip is strong enough to save one from the formidable claws of death. It is all false. One has to think of some way to get rid of this miserable life. Thus Siddhartha’s attachment to the majestic splendor, the beautiful wife, and the little child diminished.

Siddhartha left his house

One day while roaming in the park, a thought came to his mind that he would have to leave home to find a way of salvation. He has to get out of the clutches of his wife and child. That same night, Yuvraj Siddhartha set out in search of true happiness. In this way, leaving behind the king’s pleasure, beautiful wife, and young son, Siddhartha left for penance and detachment. According to Siddhartha, penance at that time meant torment one’s own body. Siddhartha also followed the same practice. He did severe penance through fasting and pranayama, due to which his body dried up and became a thorn. Still, he did not get peace and knowledge.

At the time of this difficult penance, many had become his disciples. His disciples started calling him by the name of Gautam. The disciples heard from Gautam’s mouth that peace and knowledge could not be attained by this severe penance and suffering in the body. Then this talk of Gautam became a matter of ridicule for his disciples. They understood that it was not under Gautam’s control to conclude the body. They left Gautam’s side. After the disciples went, Gautam took a bath in the Niranjana River and sat under a banyan tree.

Sacred Knowledge Of Mahatma Buddha

At the same time, a beautiful girl Sujata came to the banyan tree with a bowl of kheer to worship the deity. Seeing Gautam sitting there in a dilapidated condition, Sujata gave him the bowl of kheer. But Gautam refused the kheer, saying that he wanted true knowledge. Sujata told him that by giving up eating and drinking, how can one get good knowledge. After that, Sujata gave him kheer and said that your wish would be fulfilled, try to find understanding from your heart. Gautam was impressed by this thing of Sujata, and he ate kheer.

Mahatma Buddha

After Sujata left, Gautam meditated and sat under the banyan tree. That day was Vaishakh Purnima. On that night of Vaishakh Purnima, Gautam attained divine knowledge. After achieving this sacred knowledge of Gautam, he was called Mahatma Buddha, and that tree became famous as The Bodhi Tree. Thus Mahatma Buddha attained that siddhi with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Mahatma Buddha kept that knowledge not limited to himself only. He promoted it. His disciples also came back. Due to the popularity of the teachings of Mahatma Buddha, it soon spread to every corner of the world. Many kings became his disciples. King Shuddhodana, his wife Yashodhara, and Rahul also took initiation in Buddhism. Mahatma Buddha had a strict approach in the matter of Dharma Sangha. He left the body in the city of Kusinara in eighty years due to dysentery. That day also it was Vaishakh Purnima. Even after the death of Mahatma Buddha, his Buddhism continued to spread to every corner of the world.

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