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National Award For Madhubani Painting

The colorful painting of Bihar, Madhubani painting has gained international fame. This ancient painting of Mithila has attracted the attention of the people from time to time.

Earlier its name was Mithila Painting. In this painting, the artist used natural dyes produced by his family. Natural colors, such as the color of flower juice, the color of rice grinding, etc. This painting has varied in color, theme, style, and painter’s class. Additionally, if seen in totality, three major forms are seen in Madhubani painting. First Land drawing, second Mural painting, and third Panel drawing. Land drawing means drawing on land, mural drawing means drawing on walls of the house, and panel drawing means drawing on clothes.

Madhubani Painting
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Ingredients of Madhubani Painting

Many subtle shades of colors can be seen in this major painting of Mithilanchal. The pictures must be surrounded by the edge. In addition, there is a marking of fish, birds, different types of flowers, etc. on the border with double lines. The influence of art lovers gave it fame and its name is now Madhubani Painting. Even though its name has changed, still now only natural dyes are used in it. Painters make colors from different fruits, flowers, etc. in their own homes. Moreover, in these colors, they make many colors by mixing Karjani pods, Deep ki phulia, Pewri, Ramras vermilion, indigo, etc. To prevent this color from coming out quickly, acacia gum is mixed in it.

Madhubani Painting
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Madhubani painting has been associated with various worship and auspicious works. Paintings of four Mahadeviyans, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, and Chamunda are found in the paintings. Also, Kali, Kamala, Tara, Chhinnamasta, Matangi Shodashi, Bhairavi, Bhuvaneshwari, Dhumavati, and Baglamukhi have been the tradition of painting these ten great genres. Jagdamba Devi of Jitwarpur was awarded the National Handicraft Award in 1970 for this painting. Apart from this, Sita Devi 1975, Ganga Devi of Rashidpur 1976, Godavari Dutta of Rati 1980, Mahasundari Devi and Shanti Devi from lahariyaganj also awarded The National Handicraft Award. Madhubani painting has preserved its heritage thousands of years old with pomegranate pens, bamboo sticks, or cotton sticks, and self-made colors.

Recently, a new painting was made related to Covid-19 which encourages vaccination.

Madhubani Painting
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