Saturday, September 23

Bihar forms the world’s longest human chain .

The Bihar government on Sunday held a state-wide protest the world’s longest human chain, against the menace of dowry. More than 4 crore people participated in the state-wide protest against the menace of dowry and child marriage. A 13,688-km-long human chain, led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself was formed for this purpose on Sunday.

human chain bihar


The campaign against dowry was started by CM Nitish Kumar on October 2. He had declared about the formation of human chain at that event.

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Gandhi Maidan would be decorated with 5,000 balloons. The balloons, which will carry the messages related to dowry and child marriage, were released in the air. There were also  14 hot air balloons. Bihar Chief Minister inaugurated the event by unleashing 100 bunches, comprising 50 balloons each, at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. It was slated to be an half-an-hour event, for which traffic advisories were issued across the state for travel between 11 am and 2 pm. However, ambulance, emergency vehicles, media vehicles and VVIP cars/convoys were exempted.

“Over four crore people participated in the 13,660km-long human chain from 12 noon to 12.30pm. Last year, the human chain in the state had covered a distance of 11,292km,”. A monitoring cell to oversee last minute preparations for the formation of human chain was formed by the mass education department, which was the nodal department of the event.



The chain started from Gandhi Maidan and extended to national highways, state highways, different districts, blocks, and villages. Different ministers and secretaries have been given the charge to monitor the event in various parts of the state.

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A map of Bihar was drawn through the chain at Gandhi Maidan. “This year’s chain was double-layered unlike single chain formed last year. It presented a better aerial view of the human chain which will be captured by drones. 40 drones were photographing and filming the human chain formation.






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