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List Format – The Easy Way of Remembering Things

You login to any website or social media page, up springs the list of videos. 10 best books of this year, list of things you should avoid during travel, 5 top recipes of the day. And the list goes on. Did I say list. Yes you heard it right. We are always tempted to click on anything which is in a list format.

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Read Psycological Reason to Love List Format –

With the advent of internet there is an information overload and we tend to get confused. Reading listed formats enables you to overcome the chaos and impose some order in everyday life. Lists are commonly used to organise information. Lists may be found within the body of a prose article or as a stand-alone article.

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Our Brains Love lists-

Almost all of us are aware of the fact that writing down things helps to remember them in an easier and better way. The temptation to click on the list is hard to resist because they are easy to scan for information. According to psychologists Claude Messner and Michaela Wanke the more information we have the worse we feel. Consequently people love list formats. Making a-to -do list definitely makes things easier. The satisfaction one derives after accomplishing the task and crossing it out gives immense pleasure. When we are going through a list of sentences the predictability allows us to develop what psychologists call “schemata” – the mental maps we build up from experience which give us an idea of what to expect.

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Feature of Numbered Lists-

  • Lists provide support or aid our memory giving a continuous flow of information.
  • The give us a direction as arrangement of information is after all to facilitate the reader to assimilate as much information they can.
  • Readers find the information on the face without having to dig for it

In the current scenario listed format is the perfect way to aid our memory.

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