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Lightning In Clouds: History, Mystery, And Story

Events of thunderstorms and lightning in clouds have been going on for billions of years. It is older than the existence of man on earth. Climate Change Is Getting Very Dangerous Nowadays. Due to the change of vapor in the clouds into water and ice particles, the electric charge is released, which collects on the clouds. When it is many millions of volts, there is a dispersion between the positive and negative charges present in the clouds. At the time of this immersion, a very bright light is produced, due to which the light look like day, even at night. We know this as the phenomenon of lightning in clouds.

lightning in clouds

Before lightning in clouds strikes, a huge electric charge of up to 30 million volts gathers between the clouds. At the time when the discharge takes place when opposite charges meet, at that time the temperature there suddenly reaches 30000 degrees centigrade. It is about 5 times the surface temperature of the Sun. In this way, due to the sudden increase in temperature, the air there gets heated up and expands, causing a rapid explosion. It is what we hear in the form of a terrible roar.

Lightning in clouds


For the first time, American scientist Benjamin Franklin proved that the electricity of clouds is an electric charge. He flew a kite to the height of the clouds during a storm and connected its string to an electrical measuring instrument. With the flash of lightning in clouds, the measuring instrument indicated the arrival of the charge. This experiment of Franklin was quite dangerous as it could have resulted in him getting an electric shock himself. But this experiment proved to be very useful.

Later on, he made a lightning driver on this basis. It is used for lightning protection in high-rise buildings. Such agonizing conductors are used today in all high-rise buildings so that the electricity does not fall on the building but passes through the lightning and thunderstorm conductor into the ground. Thus a device of security came into existence.

We know the current or outflow of electrons by the name of current or electricity. This electron is a very fine particle that is present in the atom of every element. Electric charges are nothing but free electrons. Some effects can be seen in its nature, which is lightning during rainy days or storms. We have seen this in the above example. Some Fish In The Oceans generate electricity from their bodies. It also uses it to kill its prey. Electricity is one of the most important forms of energy. It has neither color nor smell. In this way, today, we learned the story of the generation of electricity from lightning and thunderstorm.

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