Sunday, April 2

Latest News: Bank Strike. How It will Affect You and Banking Transactions

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Banking news in India today says that the employees of the public sector banks have decided to go on a strike starting from Wednesday the 30th and 31st of May 2018. As the talks initiated by the chief labour commissioner between the Bank unions (UBFU) and the IBA (Indian banks association) failed the unions have decided to go on strike. In the bank strike latest news, banking services have taken a hit in several branches of public sector banks. Earlier several public sector banks including the State bank of India, Canara bank and the Punjab national bank have cautioned their customers about the bank strike affecting regular services. The bank strike news has come as a rude shocker for the salaried class who might not be able to withdraw their salaries today.

Latest news Indian Bank Strike


Today Bank Strike News-

The ATM services are also likely to be affected. The guards of ATMs have also decided to participate in the strike. The  services of the private sector banks such as HDFC, ICICI and Axis bank have largely remained unaffected in the latest development in the Indian banking news today owing to the strike but delay in clearances of cheques have been noticed. The public sector banks which handle almost 70% of the financial transactions of the country have been affected by the strike.

atm strike


Today Bank strike news has dominated the headlines of several news channels as it is a major concern for the common man. In the Bank strike news today the unions have opposed the 2% hike and have decided to go ahead with their demands of better working conditions and immediate wage revision. The IBA have refused to revise the wages citing mounting losses owing to bad loans. Customers should take maximum advantage of online transactions and rely on net banking and several banking applications.

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