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Labour Day 2018: History and Significance of Labour Day

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International Labour Day is celebrated on May 1 every year around the world. It is also known as ‘May Day’. On this occasion Labour Day 2018, Google has also created Google Doodle of International Labor Day. About 80 countries around the world, including India, celebrate Labour Day. On this day almost all companies leave.

Labour Day 2018 google doodle



Labour Day 2018: Know What is Labour?, Who is the Laborer?

Workers also mean not only people who work in factories, but also those who sit in front of computers in companies. Every person who works for an organization or company, and in return, gets the money, he is a laborer. A laborer raises a company or building by night and night. In such a situation, the value of his work can not be paid by paying only. Labour Day is the day to celebrate and celebrate the hard work and hard work of every worker.

History of Labour Day 1st May-

Labour holiday was started in the United States on 1 May 1886. Then the labor unions of the United States decided that they would not work more than 8 hours. At that time the workers were employed for 10-16 hours. Not only did they get any facilities, and there was no system of treatment for injuries. Trade unions have called for all these things. During the strike, there was a bomb blast in Chicago’s Haymarket. Then the police opened fire on workers, in which many people died and more than 100 were injured.

Labour Day 2018 in US


Origin of International Workers Day-

After this, it was announced in the International Socialist Conference in 1889 that in the memory of innocent people killed in the Haymarket massacre, on May 1 , it will be celebrated as world labour day and on this day all workers will be on leave.

When was Labour Day Started in India ? Labor Day Date-

Talking about labour day, India Labour Farmers Party of India started Labour Day in Madras on 1st May 1923 in India. Although at that time it was celebrated as Madras Day. For the first time on this occasion the first red flag was used in India. At present, there is a law related to the working of the laborers working in eight countries of the world, including India.
Labour Day 2018
How do We Celebrate Labour Day ?
To celebrate the achievements of the workers take the day-off on 1 May. At the same time, the International Labour Organization also organizes many programs. On this day debates, speech and poem-text competitions are organized. Art exhibitions, colorful events and sports related events are also organized. On this day, Labour Union also brings out demonstrations, speeches, rallies and rallies on their demands.
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