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KSRTC considers pets as adults. Read here to know more.

Those who have pets can only relate how difficult it is to travel with them in a public transport. Keeping pets in cage and travelling isn’t a good idea, especially when travelling long distances. KSRTC  stands for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation that has made for animals.

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What does work KSRTC  for pets?

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Pet lovers who live in Karnataka, can rejoice as there is some good news. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has made some allowances for travelling with pets. The KSRTC started this concession on February 1 this year ( 2018 ).

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KSRTC made this decision after receiving complaints from passengers. They are refused to carry their pets with them. According to reports, KSRTC’S 8,000 buses are mandated to allow domestic animal on board.

What will be the fare for carrying a pet?

You can check the fares on KSRTC’s website under the ‘Luggage fares’ section. KSRTC has classified pets as ‘luggage’. For dogs, the passenger will have to shell out equivalent to that of an adult passenger’s ticket. For smaller animals, such as a puppy, cat, parrot, the fares will be applicable of a child’s ticket. Under no circumstances, pets will not be treated as a part of free allowance.

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What will be the precautions?

  • While travelling with a pet, you must ensure that the animal behaves properly.
  • Owner should take responsibility that the pet should not harm any co-passenger or bus crew.
  • Its owner’s responsibility that their pet is leashed at all times and to carry the pet for the journey.

This is a very appreciable step taken by KSRTC. That will resolve the main issues of passenger who can not carry their domestic animals. But, our main concern is that will it work properly? Will all animals coordinate to each other at travel time? Will people follow their responsibilities? We have to wait and watch.

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