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Know The Reasons Behind Children Eating Soil

If you have a small child in your house, it is difficult To Take Care Of The Child, and you will know this. When the baby starts walking on his hands and feet, he likes to walk out of your reach. In such a situation, you must have noticed that he starts eating soil when he comes out. Sometimes this would happen with bricks houses in cities. But you must have seen more children eating soil in the village. Have you ever wondered why your child eats clay?

children eating soil

Have you ever thought that you have not taught your children to eat clay, then why do they start eating the soil when comes out? Do kids find soil so tasty? No, the reason for the children to eat soil is not the taste but the lack of nutrients. Today we will tell you that due to lack of which nutrient, children eating soil.

What could be the reason behind children eating soil?

Children not only eat clay, but sometimes they also eat chalk or scraps of wall paint. Many times you try to get rid of this habit of children, but still, the children cannot stop eating clay. So it is better that you know the reason behind children eating soil and then try to get rid of them.

Lack of blood

The problem of eating soil is more common in children aged one to 7 years. Eating clay in young children can be a sign of anemia. When the child is small, most mothers give only a dose of milk to their child. According to experts, the presence of milk in everything can cause anemia in children. If you want to solve the problem of children eating soil inside your children, then you have to fulfill the deficiency of nutrients like fruits, vegetables, and pulses in your children’s diet.

Nutritional deficiency

Due to the lack of elements, the problem of eating soil can be seen not only in children but also in adults. When there is a deficiency of certain nutritional elements in the body, such as iron and zinc, children start eating soil. Due to the lack of these nutritious elements, children start to eat strange things, i.e., chalk or wall scraps or soil, etc.


Sometimes the problem of eating clay inside children can be a disease. The reason for eating soil inside children can also be the reason for a disease called autism. It is a mental illness. In this disease, the mental development of children is not done properly. That’s why children start doing strange things like eating clay. As a parent, it becomes your responsibility to take full care of your child in such a situation.

children eating soil

Apart from all this, eating the clay of children can also be a natural process. It is a very normal process that when a child is playing, he sees everything around him by putting it in his mouth. When children develop, they try to understand things by touching things around them, taking them in their mouths, or circling or smelling.

Even though eating clay is a normal process, but at this time, you need to pay attention to your child because along with the soil, the child will be consuming many types of bacteria and viruses. When the child is small, his immune system is very weak, so parents should keep in mind that the child’s body cannot fight All Kinds Of Viruses and bacteria. It is good if the problem of eating clay of children is cured in the initial days. But if this problem progresses over time, it can be a concern for the parents. To prevent the problem of children eating soil, make play your children on grass instead of soil. When the child does not have contact with the soil, then he will not eat the soil.

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