Thursday, September 23

Kiss Day 2018: Protects from Heart Disease Kiss, brings these changes in body

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Valentine’s week has been left for the last two days and today is Kiss Day 2018. A loving ‘kiss’ is not only a good way of expressing your feelings but also helps you solve many problems related to your health. Not only this, it also removes the diseases of the heart. In this blog, know about the health benefits of having a kiss.

Kiss Day

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On Kiss Day know how a Kiss protects your Heart Disease

During a kiss, a hormone called adrenaline is formed in the body, which is very beneficial for the heart. It helps the heart to be pumped for blood circulation throughout the body. This helps in reducing blood pressure and maintaining blood circulation in the body. Apart from this, kissing helps keep you fit from cardiovascular diseases in many ways. According to a research, the amount of cholesterol in the body is also controlled by doing it.

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Reduces Stress

The main cause of stress in the body is due to low cortisol hormone. Kiss increases the cortisol hormone in the body and also boosts your immune system. In this way, people also do kiss their partners do to overcome stress and make better decisions. Apart from this, if you want white teeth, then it is beneficial for you. During a kiss, saliva formed will help in removing cavities and eliminates bacteria.

Kiss Day Valentines

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Kiss protects child from blindness

According to the research published in a journal called Hypotheses, kiss gives a women immunity during pregnancy. It helps in protecting women from ‘cytomegalovirus’ which can make the child congenital blind in pregnancy. This virus only causes damage to women when they are pregnant, otherwise, they do not cause any special damage.

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Apart from this, kiss reduces calories. About two to three calories are burned during a one minute kiss. Not only this, it also increases the metabolic rate of the body.

So, this Kiss day indulge in a sweet kiss with your partner and stay healthy.