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Kerala’s girls are protesting with watermelon Know why?

After an obscene remark made by a professor on a Muslim female student in a college located in Kozhikode, Kerala, the students of the school gave an act of nice revenge on Monday.  The girl students of Farokh College, Kozhikode, had brought the watermelon march on Monday under the Student Federation of India (SFI India). The girls were marching in protest against the statement of Professor Johar Munawvir, taking pieces of watermelon.

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Kerala Watermelon Protest, why?

During a speech, Professor, while criticizing the wearing of Muslim girls, said that nowadays women do not even wear a hijab properly. The professor said that women deliberately show their chests, such as the watermelon floating on the display. Jauhar further said that 80% of the girls on the campus are Muslims and girls do not cover their bodies properly.

Professor said that girls do not wear burqa yet cover their heads with scarves or shawls. He further said that breasts are a part of women which attracts men and it is against Islam. The video of the professor’s statement is becoming quite viral on social media. After this statement, there has been a rift between the students and the staff.

Here, the activists of the Student Union filed their protest by sharing the slices of watermelon while ABVP activists threw watermelons in front of the college gate. Meanwhile, the police force has banned this demonstration of the students.

The college’s principal, CA Jawahar said that the speech was given out of college three months ago so that the college can not take action. He said that he has not received any complaint in this matter.

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