Tuesday, November 28

Job Fair in Delhi, Thousands of jobs will be given in 2 days

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Delhi Government is going to set up a Job Fair at Tegraj Stadium. Starting from 15th February this fair will run for two days. Employment Minister Gopal Rai confirmed  about this event.

Job Fair Delhi

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According to a document issued by the Delhi government, around 100 companies expected to be present in this Job Fair. The fair is being run by Delhi’s Aam Admi Party’s government. This will be the third job fair in the city. Aam admi Party’s govermnent has been doing great job. Events like these are an example how the party is caring for the youth.

Employment Minister Gopal Rai says that the candidate arriving at this fair will have to register his name on the government job portal. At the same time, companies will also have to choose based on their educational qualifications. The two-day job fair will be held on February 15 and 16.  About 15,237 jobs will be available for the job seekers. ”

How to enroll for a visit

The Employment Directorate of the Delhi Government is organizing this Job Fair. The participating companies will choose according to the capability of the candidate. Many candidates have already registered themselves on the Directorate’s website. The youth seeking employment can register their details at www.jobfair.delhi.gov.in .

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Companies offering job offers are also providing information about jobs using system-generated IDs and passwords. Similarly, Candidates who want a job can register educational qualifications and other information through Generated ID and Password.

It’s the third job fair at Delhi

Earlier, on 7th and 8th November 2016, the Delhi Government appointed Job Fair.  This year, this is the third job fair. This fair would be a great opportunity for those who are looking for a job. Don’t wait and enroll!

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