Sunday, December 10

To protect crops from wild animals, the Japanese made monster wolf robot

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What does the farmer do not do to save his crops from wild animals? Some farmers plant effigies in fields to save the crop, then some put posters etc. Everyone has new ways for yielding good harvest. Farmers of India and all the countries take use these tactics to save their crops from getting destroyed by animals. Know about  super monster wolf shaped robots to safe the crop.

Japan monster wolf robot


But, Japan’s case is different. know about monster wolf robot?

Japan is always known for its finest technology all over the world. Now the farmers here have adopted a new way to save their crops from wild animals. Here the robots running solar power will now be help in getting rid of wild animals. Yes, you have heard it right. So far you have seen robots working in an automobile or a design company but now they will indulge in these things also.


Actually, Japanese farmers have now planted super-monster wolf-shaped robots in their fields to save crops from wild animals. This Japan monster wolf robot with open mouth and big red eyes seems really scary. These robotic wolves roam with the sound of the real wolf. These robots will be activated only when their sensors will hear a stir. These are powered by solar energy.

Japan-monster wolf


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According to local reports, plans to build these super monster wolf on a large scale from next month. Farmers can buy these robots for around 5000 US Dollars, or they can rent it for a month or two. If these super-monster wolves are able to save the farmers’ crops from wild animals, then they will be sold in other countries too.

Watch the monster wolf video here:


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