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Is This Okay To Breastfeeding During Illness?

After giving birth to a child, a lot of responsibility falls on a mother regarding the baby. The most important thing in this is breastfeeding. Sometimes the breastfeeding mother gets sick such as cold, cough, fever, or any other disease, then her family members forbid her from breastfeeding. Sometimes the mother herself also gets tensed whether she should get her baby breastfeeding or not during this time. The mother would also feel that it would be okay to Breastfeed The Child when taking medicines? So today, we will talk about whether it is right to breastfeed while ill or not? Is this okay to breastfeeding during illness?

Breastfeeding during illness

To Breastfeeding during illness

First of all, you should understand that not breastfeeding during illness is a complete myth. It is a heard and heard talk, which has no scientific reason. If you ask a doctor, he will also advise that you should not stop breastfeeding under any circumstances. Whether you are sick or taking any medication, you can breastfeed the baby. But yes, for this, you will need to take some guidelines. Let us see what those guidelines that you can follow because if you do not breastfeed, it will affect the health of your baby. You can be breastfeeding while sick.

A mother’s body becomes very weak after giving birth to a child. In such a situation, she has to take medicine to increase her immune system, which is an obvious thing.


Consult doctors

First of all, whenever you fall ill, you should go to the doctor. It usually happens that in this situation, people try home remedies. Sometimes in such a situation, people also bring medicine from a chemist, which is wrong. But you don’t have to fall into this trap because you have absolutely no time for home remedies. Consult your doctor about the disease and tell them that you are currently breastfeeding your baby. It will ensure that the doctor will better understand your situation and prescribe you medicines that will be compatible during breastfeeding. Consulting a doctor is necessary because you should not take any medicine by yourself. You need to know that medicines that mix in your blood can also reach your baby during breastfeeding. Therefore, whenever you have any disease, whether minor or big, you should consult the doctor and tell him that you are a breastfeeding mom.

Aware of long-term diseases

Another guideline has been taken that if you have any long-term disease apart from normal disease, tell the doctor about it first. Long-term disease means thyroid, diabetes, etc., then you should tell the doctor about it after delivering the baby. Since you are already taking some medicines and you will have to take medicines even after delivery. So, the doctor needs to know which disease you are suffering from to give your baby safe medicine.

Extra hygiene

Often, the mother is worried that if she has a cough, breastfeeding will cause the baby to cough or if she has a fever, then the baby will also have a fever. But it’s not like that.
Baby getting cold is not because of breastfeeding but because of your contact. When you catch a cold, its viruses are on your body. They make contact with the baby during breastfeeding, due to which the baby falls ill. So when you are sick, try to contact the baby only during breastfeeding and take care of some things before the best feeding

  • Wear washed clothes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap.
  • If you have a cold, wear a mask.
  • At that time, keep your love under control and do not kiss the baby.

In this way, if you take care of hygiene, you will also Save The Baby From Infection and recover soon. In this way, you can breastfeed the baby even during illness by taking care of all these things. You can be Breastfeeding while sick. Although there are some rare diseases in which the doctor himself refuses to breastfeed, apart from that, you can do breastfeeding by taking medicines on the doctor’s advice.

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