Thursday, October 5

Is Fast-Charging Dangerous For Mobile Phones?

In today’s era mobile has become a part of life. It would not be wrong to say that everything seems incomplete without a mobile. Everything needs a mobile. Apart from this for calling, for messaging, for calculating, for a torch, for music, etc mobile is needed. From office work, children’s education and entertainment, mobile is needed. In such a situation, the demand for mobiles with fast charging and battery capacity has increased a lot. Mobile companies are busy launching mobiles with fast charging.

Fast charging

Now it has become common to talk about fast-charging and super fast-charging smartphones in the market. There are many such chargers, with the help of which the phone gets charged from 0- 100 percent in 20 to 30 minutes. Everyone needs fast charging nowadays, but is fast charging safe? Do many such questions arise that can fast charging technology be harmful to the battery of the phone? Can fast-charging or quick charge batteries be dangerous? Let us know all these things in detail.

Battery cycle; Fast charging

Every phone battery has a fixed cycle. This means that if your phone battery comes with 500 to 600 cycles then the battery of your phone can be charged from 0 – 100% up to 500 to 600 times. Only then does the battery of the phone gets damaged. But it is not that if you charge from 0 to 50 percent, then a cycle is complete, when you charge from 0 to 50 percent next time, then a cycle will be completed. Therefore, there is no effect on the quality of the battery when charging quickly or charging late. You can use your phone battery for fast charging.

Blast in phone

There are many such reports that due to fast charging, the battery of the phone can explode. It is not at all that fast charging causes blasts in the phone. There are many reasons for the blast on the phone. Smartphones with fast-charging technology come with many protections. Apart from this, the phone is offered dual cell support to support charging. Due to this, the battery and phone do not get heat during charging. There is a different type of circuit for fast charging as compared to normal charging.

Fast charging

The chances of blast in the phone are mostly due to its manufacturing. According to experts, many times the lithium-ion battery gets in contact with the air during the manufacture of the phone. Due to which the possibility of an explosion in the battery of the phone increases.

Overcharging of the battery

It has been seen in many people that by working the day with mobile phones, they fall asleep at night by keeping the phone on charge. This overcharges the phone. This makes the phone more likely to explode. By the way, almost all the companies give many safety features to protect the phone from overheating. With this, the phone can be kept secure.

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