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Is actor Ranveer Singh changing his profession?

Is actor Ranveer Singh, changing his profession and turning into a rapper, because that is what it seems nowadays, to be the top priority of the actor. Well all this interest into rap music  by the actor is for an upcoming movie by director Zoya Akhtar titled ‘ Gully Boy ‘. The character that Ranveer play in the movie is influenced by the rappers ‘Divine’ and ‘Naezy’. Both the artist are admirers of each other works and follow each on the social network.

actor Ranveer Singh Gully Boy

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Well the movie idea came when Divine was performing in Mumbai at a now defunct club in Lower Parel. Zoya Akhtar was in the audience  sitting listening to his rap. After his performance they briefly talked about the Mumbai growing hip hop circuit, and Zoya took her number. In the following days Zoya visited Divine and she told him that she wants to make a film on the Mumbai’s street rapper. Divine recalls that their conversation mostly was around his inspirations and ambitions.

Ranveer Singh-Gully Boy movie

Until a few months back Divine was oblivious to the fact that Ranveer was playing the part in the film as a rapper as a lead actor. He goes on say that he is cool with Ranveer playing a rapper and says that he will rock it as he usually dresses like a rapper. Divine also goes on to say that their songs which are not about gold, drugs or girls but is about the real social issues. This will be a big feat if the audience listen to their songs but a mainstream actor taking up their cause is a whole new ball game in all its entirety. Divine says that Ranveer is now in Gully Boy movie and part of the movement.

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The shooting of the film started this month with actress Alia Bhatt opposite actor Ranveer Singh and the film is expected to release in 2018. Question arises whether Divine will be debuting as a Bollywood composer-rapper or not. We would love it if he debuts as a Bollywood composer-rapper. Ranveer Singh has recorded a rap track with group of rappers and he is good at it as told by Divine. Ranveer goes on to say that he would do justice to the role and to the film at large. This zoya movie with divine rapper is one of ranveer singh upcoming movies.

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